Equalizer Tools win Industry Recognition

Equalizer Tools win Industry Recognition
SG13TE from our award winning Secure-Grip SG Range

Equalizer International, a world leading innovator of flange maintenance tools for the energy sector, has been recognized once again for the innovation of its products. Equalizer’s tools are designed to introduce simplicity, control and enhanced safety into the complex and hazardous world of flange maintenance.

Equalizer’s Secure-Grip (SG) tools were recognized in the Nuclear industry at the EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Challenge Awards in the UK as having an impact on safety and quality while challenging tasks durations and costs.

Major EDF Energy contractor Doosan Babcock used Equalizer SG tools to split tricky CAF (compressed asbestos) joints within a pipework bellows configuration. Using SG tools eliminated the use of wooden wedges and hammers traditionally used in flange spreading but also aided in the mitigation of asbestos contamination.

Outage Manager for Doosan Babcock, Gus Carruthers, said: “The four key factors we consider are safety, quality, time and cost. If you have safety and quality you can challenge the duration time and then you find the costs take care of themselves. In the case of the CAF joint splitting project we were able to reduce work time from days to a matter of hours.”

Meeting EDF Energy’s challenge to reduce power plant outage downtime without compromising safety or quality, Equalizer’s product range consists of mechanical and hydraulic tools for splitting, aligning and closing flanges.

“All our tools are designed and developed to be safe, efficient and cost effective and that’s what both of these awards have recognised, said Equalizer International Managing Director John Morgan. “Our approach has always been to use innovation in our design and development to provide a solution for flange management problems across a range of industries and we’re very pleased that our success in achieving that has been endorsed by industry through these awards.”

Equalizer innovation was also recognised last year when the company won the prestigious East of England Energy Group Award for Innovation at its annual conference in Norwich. The judges were impressed when Equalizer showed how their tools could significantly reduce downtime, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs, using fewer people whilst improving safety, in particular reducing hand injuries.

EDF Energy is now keen for Doosan Babcock to roll out the use of Equalizer tools throughout its nuclear fleet and substantial training of Doosan Babcock and EDF Energy fitters and technicians has been undertaken by Equalizer.

Senior management from EDF Energy said they were particularly impressed with the equipment regarding hand safety and leak prevention.

Equalizer International is in the running for a number of other industry awards in 2015.

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