Equalizer International provides product training to distributors and end-user customer

Equalizer International provides product training to distributors and end-user customer
Distributors outside Equalizer International's HQ in Aberdeen, Scotland

Quali-Torc (France), above left to right: Elodie Carlo, Gregory Vanmarcke, Steve Retailleau and Bob Stephen (Equalizer)

July brought another busy month for EqualizerTM product training at our company HQ in Aberdeen, Scotland. Representatives from Quali-Torc, our French distributor, Reptech Colombia, SAS, in Colombia, Amanti Tecnologias, Spain and Flousa SA, Argentina visited us throughout the month and received training on our full range of flange maintenance tools. In addition, end-users of our products, Doosan Babcock, sent some more personnel to receive bespoke training at our custom-built demo suite.

Above left to right: Jorge Salgado (Reptech, Colombia), Nicholás Daviron, (Amanti, Spain), Leonardo Girini (Flousa, Argentina), Flavio Rojas (Reptech, Colombia), Mario D'Arrigo (Amanti, Spain)

Bob Stephen, Equalizer International’s Operations and Training Director, runs the ‘Train the Trainer’ course which covers the set-up and application of the hydraulic and mechanical flange alignment and flange spreading tools and the safe use of alignment and spreading wedge tool combinations on pipework.

Quali-Torc (France), above left to right: Adrien Ménard, Duncan Dore (Equalizer) and Eric Level

The course also provides an introduction to the HP series of sealed unit hydraulic hand pumps for use with our hydraulic tools along with an element of tool assembly with our spreading and aligning tools. Tool assembly is covered by Bob and Duncan Dore, our Senior Design Engineer who explains the concept behind the SWi spreading wedge and the assembly process of the tool.

Doosan Babcock (UK), above left to right: Roddy Wheeler, John Ferguson, Steve Gerrity (Equalizer), David Ling and Andy Gouldthorp

The training, consisting of classroom based commercial / technical presentations and practical demonstrations / hands-on training, is provided to our distributors in order for them not only to be able to experience using the full range of tools safely but also to be able to respond to a wide range of customer enquiries and challenges faced by the industry. We also offer this training to end-users to ensure the optimal use of our tools

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