Equalizer International provides continental touch with product training

Equalizer International provides continental touch with product training
Left to right: Mr Martin Tesar (POKORNY), Mr Zdenek Kalvaster (POKORNY), Mr Tomas Petricek (IKEMA),Michael Machnik (Equalizer), Mr Miroslav Kois (IKEMA), Thomas Rhodes (Equalizer), John Morgan (Equalizer)

September and October saw Equalizer International provide a continental touch to product training for our distributors visiting from the Czech Republic (POKORNY, spol. s r.o.), Slovakia (IKEMA, spol. s r.o.) and Italy (PROTEC srl).

Delivering practical demonstrations and hands-on training to the dedicated personnel in our global distribution network is just one of the reasons Equalizer International stands out from our competitors as the recognised expert in flange maintenance tools, world-wide. By providing this knowledge it gives our international team the necessary information to understand and respond to problems encountered by the industry and help determine the best EqualizerTM tool for the job.

Our ‘Train the Trainer’ course, led by Operations and Training Director, Bob Stephen, covers the set-up and application of our hydraulic and mechanical flange alignment and flange spreading tools along with the safe use of alignment and spreading tool combinations on pipework.

There is also an element of tool assembly with our spreading and aligning tools which is covered by Bob and Duncan Dore, our Senior Design Engineer who explains the concept behind the SWi spreading wedge and the assembly process of the tool. Technical Support Manager, Thomas Rhodes, adds his insight into the operation of the EqualizerTM range by presenting a series of case-studies showing the non-standard application of our tools.

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