Equalizer International launches Wind Turbine Tower Alignment Tool

Equalizer International launches Wind Turbine Tower Alignment Tool
TFA15TI Wind Turbine Tower Alignment Tool from the award-winning Equalizer product range

Equalizer International, global expert in flange maintenance tools, is delighted to announce the launch of the latest innovative product, the TFA15TI Wind turbine Tower Alignment tool. This is an Integral Hydraulic alignment tool which has been developed to aid the alignment of large flanges on the inside of wind turbine towers. In the tradition of all EqualizerTM products, it will make the assembly and installation of wind turbine tower sections simpler, safer and more efficient.

Equalizer was approached by the company’s Danish distributor, Hytor, who had been asked by major European wind turbine manufacturing company, Siemens, if there was a product on the market that could be used to align the flanges in wind turbine towers. As there wasn’t, Hytor, aware of Equalizer’s skill and experience, asked if a new product could be produced. The result was the TFA15TI – a product going from concept to delivery in less than 10 weeks.

Wind turbine towers are made up of pipe sections with internal bolted flange connections and sometimes during fabrication these sections can become ovalised. This can result in misalignment of the bolt holes, so assembly becomes slow, difficult and dangerous. This new TFA15TI addresses this misalignment issue and is a further example of the innovative approach Equalizer addresses industry challenges.

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