Best Practice methods for flange joint maintenance - Shutdowns Turnarounds Superconference

Best Practice methods for flange joint maintenance - Shutdowns Turnarounds Superconference

The 12th annual Shutdowns Turnarounds Superconference was attended by turnaround professionals from Canada and the US, many of whom return every year, to share from their experiences and to pick up new ideas from others. This interaction with individuals at every level, from turnaround managers to contractors, and the openness to learn new things made it a perfect venue for Equalizer International to present on our expertise in the area of Best Practice for Flange Joint Maintenance.

From the beginning the conference confronted the tough issues affecting everyone and was marked by the three recurring themes: how to improve efficiency, how to maintain the safest operation, and how to control costs. It was appropriate to have the lead sponsor be Jacobs Engineering Services, a supplier of turnaround services, deliver the opening remarks and provide the key note speaker, Mike Coyle; both helped shine the light on the relevance of Equalizer’s presence at the conference. Mike’s keynote speech was a global perspective on safety, specifically about “How do Canada’s challenges compare?” His answer was that a cultural change was needed.

Canada is experiencing a surge in activity in the petroleum sector and a severe shortage of labour and he felt that in part this is due to the problems around safety. The industry’s reputation of injury was pushing people away, especially those with the skills desperately needed. A cultural change is a way to make real enduring change in how things are done currently because “programs loose relevance – cultures do not.” It was from Mike that the conference heard most clearly the significance of Equalizer’s tools in this industry.

Hector Santos, Equalizer International’s Sales & Marketing Manager (Western Hemisphere), provided expertise on best practice methods for flange joint maintenance. Hector’s speech centred on flange maintenance challenges faced by the industry, traditional work practices currently carried out and new approaches and solutions Equalizer can offer the industry in order to tackle these issues and improve safety; this includes utilizing our flange aligning, flange spreading and flange pulling tools to eliminate risks associated with traditional practices by providing simple, safe, modern solutions for shutdowns and turnarounds.

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